To start a blog is easy! Not!

First you have to decide what blog tool to use. There are a lot on the Internet, and you want one that is free to use and easy to learn to use.

When that is done you then have to decide a theme, and there is usually many to choose between. Many different design and layouts and even when you choose one you can change it to fit you even better.

And then comes the problematic part of naming your blog. A catching name that also says something of what the blog is about.

And then finally you can start blogging and for some that is easy, just write about nothing, anything or the special thing the blog is about.

I have to write this blog because of it is part of the course I’m reading. It is a course about Learning Theories that is part of the Master program Instructional Design and Technology. So my posting will reflect the different assignment in that course, but perhaps I will think it was so fun that I continue even after the course.