This week’s assignment is concerning the brain and how it processes information. That mean, how do we learn things, what happen in the brain?

One interesting article about that is written by Dr Bruce Perry – How the Brain Learns Best. You can find the article here:

He is talking about the fact that our brain needs constantly new impulses or the learning stops.  That means we cannot be talking to long about for example facts. After eight minutes the brain starts thinking of something else unless we somehow get other parts of the brain to tune in. What we need to mix is the fact with context and concepts and then we add some emotions to that. If we get this situation in the classroom of students have a better chance to remember what we taught them.

This is something I recognize when I go to my dance course (line dance), where many parts of my brain has to work; step combination (facts and concepts), music (context) and laughter when you try it (emotion). Compare that with learning the name of my students. I see them and here their names (facts) and that are all. I will remember very little of that. But when I take picture, talking to them to find out more about them and study the picture and name and then repeat I have a bigger chance to remember. But the dance I remember after one evening, the students name after some weeks.

The fact that emotions have a big part of learning is interesting and something students need to understand. A fun and easy explanation of how the brain works and what you can do to help it learn better is in this YouTube-film:
Eat healthy, drink water, exercise, sleep and use many senses (listen, look and touch) and you will learn more and remember better. Something all mothers always told us growing up.