We are getting closer to the end of the course in Learning Theories and it is time to reflect on what I have learned. The first week, without knowing that much, we would write down about how I learned. Reading that today, seven weeks later, I can see that some things have changed. Not so much how I learn but how it is connected to the different learning theories and learning styles.

I wrote then; “So when it comes to my own learning process I realized I actually learn best by teaching! When I read something, I need to tell others about it to make sure I understood it correct, and to make it stick in my memory. Even if I heard it, I need to tell others about it“. That has been very clear to me during this course that this is true. Every week I have learned something new and I have told colleagues and friends about some of it.

I also wrote that of the three theories that we just read about (behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism), I am a cognitivist. That has changed since we now have met three more (Social Learning, Connectivism, Adult Learning) and on top of that discussed multiple intelligence and learning styles like visual, auditory and kinesthetic. I realize that all this different theories is part of my learning – all depending on the subject I am learning. As an adult learner I cannot disregard my prior experience of life, work and knowledge and I am a part of a social society and learn from others. Especially when I can’t be quiet but have to talk to others about what I have learned.  Every week we have had a topic to discuss and I feel I can write a lot of each topic since I have experience or knowledge about it and are able to connect what we read about to that I know. And I am also able to use this new knowledge directly in my courses that I teach.

The society has of course grown with the World Wide Web and I can find so much new knowledge there, if I want to. I can see that every day I do some search on Google, discuss with someone on Skype, emailing different people and reading different posts of blogs through my RSS feed.  The technology made it easy to find knowledge quickly and even enable me to take my Master Exam at a University in USA while I’m in Europe.

Learning will continue using every style and intelligence and all that I am.