In the resources for this week, we find a video with Drs. Pallof and Pratt discussing strategies for assessing interaction and collaboration in an online environment. In the video, they mention different things that could be used as collaboration assessments; like debate, case studies, simulations, and role-playing, but if we look at many of our course situations, the only collaboration activity we can find is discussions. For this discussion, you and you peers will discuss why many instructors are reluctant to use anything else but discussions as collaboration activity.

Begin by considering your own experiences of collaborative activities that you met in online courses as a student. Then, reflect on the following questions:

  • How many of the collaborative activities that you met in online courses are other than discussion forums? Why do you think instructors choose discussion forums instead of other collaboration activities?
  • If you would create a collaboration activity for your work situation (right now or prior) would discussion forum be your first choice? Why/Why not? What kind of activity would you choose?

In this discussion, you should use mainly your experiences and thoughts of discussion forums in the posting. Other resources could be interesting but are not mandatory.


Rubric for online discussion